And Then What?

and-then-whatThe third book in D.R. Graham’s Britannia Beach series was published today by HarperCollinsCanada:

And Then What?

“A complication just showed up. Mmm, a beautiful complication.” Juggling assignments and missing her old life in Britannia Beach, Derian Lafleur’s first year at university has been overwhelming to say the least. A sun-filled, all-expenses-paid, spring break getaway with her best friend, Sophie Sakamoto, is exactly what she needs. Or so she thinks…

Until the last person in the world Derian expected to see shows up at the Acapulco resort, and her already stressful life suddenly becomes a million times more complicated. When the girls’ spring break takes an unexpectedly dangerous turn, they find themselves lost and injured in the Mexican wilderness, and Deri is the only hope they have for getting out alive. If only she can figure out what to do next.

Find out what happens to Derian and Trevor in the final, page-turning book in the Britannia Beach series.

— D.R. Graham

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1 Response to And Then What?

  1. D.R. Graham says:

    Thanks CWILL! I hope everyone enjoys the series.

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