25th anniversary – White Jade Tiger


To celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of Julie Lawson’s White Jade Tiger, Dundurn is publishing a new edition — complete with a new cover. The text also got a makeover.

Julie reread the text with a ruthless editor’s eye, correcting typos, cutting unnecessary adjectives and deleting unnecessary space breaks. During the process she discovered how vividly she remembered the process of writing the book. Certain passages brought back hair-tearing struggles while others filled her with the same joy she’d felt when creating them.

White Jade Tiger has led to awards and nominations, hundreds of reading tours throughout BC, and thousands of letters from readers. It has been optioned for a movie, performed as a play by Victoria’s Kaleidoscope Theatre, and is still the theme of walking tours in Victoria’s Chinatown. The book that began as a title scribbled in a notebook has had a very good run so far. Long may it continue!

— Julie Lawson

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3 Responses to 25th anniversary – White Jade Tiger

  1. KarenAutio says:

    Congratulations on the success and longevity of this excellent book!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It was one of my assigned books for reading and discussion in my creative writing class a few weeks ago. No shelf life on this one! Congrats, Julie!

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