Children’s Literature Roundtables’ 2018 Information Book Awards

On January 30th, 2019, the Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable will honour award-winning authors Monique Gray Smith and Tanya Lloyd Kyi.

Winner of the Children’s Literature Roundtables of Canada 2018 Information Book Award:

Speaking Our Truth: A Journey of Reconciliation, by Monique Gray Smith. Published by Orca Book Publishers.

“In Speaking Our Truth, we are embarking on a journey of reconciliation. This isn’t a read-and-do-nothing kind of book. It is an active exploration of Canada’s collective history, our present and our future. It’s about how we grow as individuals, families, communities and as a country.

For some of you, this may be a time of significant change in your understanding of Canada’s history. It might be the first time you’ve thought about what reconciliation means and, more specifically, what it means to you and what your role in it is. Simply reading Speaking Our Truth is an act of reconciliation. So, good on you! I welcome you all to the journey.

In my Nihiyaw (Cree) language, we say tawâw, which loosely means “there’s always room.” For you, for me, for your friends, your family, your community. There’s always room. —Monique Gray Smith”

2018 Information Book Award Honour Book:

Eyes & Spies: How You’re Tracked, and Why You Should Know, by Tanya Lloyd Kyi.  Illustrated by Belle Wuthrich. Published by Annick Press.

“Who is watching you . . . and why?

Social media and the internet are great for sharing information, meeting new friends, and exchanging points of view. But they also make it very easy to find out everything about you—including things you may not want others to know. This book asks three simple questions: Who’s watching, and why? Where is the line between public and private? How can you keep your secrets to yourself?

Eyes and Spies looks at the way information and data is collected and used by individuals, governments, companies, and organizations. Each chapter covers one aspect of the subject, from data collection to computer surveillance and personal privacy. Arguments for both increased security and increased privacy are offered, encouraging readers to think critically about the issues. “Creepy Line” sidebars highlight controversial real-life scenarios, often involving youth. “Action Alert” entries explain how to find out more about the implications of surveillance and data mining. Other topics include how students are tracked at school, cyberbullying, and online safety.”

When: January 30, 2019, 7-9 pm | Doors open at 6:30 pm.
Where: UBC Golf Club | 5185 University Blvd, Vancouver
What: Bubbly and appetizers | Silent Auction
Cost: Free to members and students.

Register now to confirm your seat and update your membership.

Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable & CWILL BC



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