Happy Huckleberry Ho Ho

In an interview from the North Pole, a jolly man in a red suit was quoted as saying, “My elves may not get toys made in time for Christmas. They are too busy reading.” This holiday season, why not follow the elves’ example by giving the gift of storytelling?
Together for the first time, three of BC’s most popular children’s authors are promoting adventure, history and magic for all ages at:

Once Upon a Huckleberry Bush
4387 Main Street, Vancouver, BC
Sunday, December 14th (11:30am-1:30pm)

Lee Edward Fodi

Known as the “Wizard of Words” or simply as “Mr. Wiz,” Lee Edward Födi has been writing and illustrating stories for middle readers about magic, monsters, and mystery for as long as he can remember. When he is not chronicling, he spends his time teaching creative writing workshops to kids or travelling the world to explore castles, mazes, tombs, and other places hidden between the cracks of here and there. (www.leefodi.com)

kc  dyer
kc dyer is the author o f a number of books for young adults that are published in North America and the UK and enjoys sharing some of the greatest grotesque moments in history with large groups of high school students. Most days she can be found sitting at her desk, surfing the time-space continuum, looking for the perfect word. (www.kcdyer.com)

James McCann
Growing up on the icy plains of Manitoba, James McCann spent most of his time as a teen reading comics and playing Dungeons and Dragons. He is the author of the YA sensation Rancour (first released in 2005 with a second edition due in 2009), Pyre (2007), and Dawn (Summer 2009). Unlike the creatures of the night of which he writes, he lives peacefully in the daylight with his Shih Tzu, Conan. (www.jamesmccann.info)

See you on the 14th!


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