cynthia Nugent gets that nice floaty feeling that comes from finishing a book

Just did the last of the art for Joan Betty Stuchner’s “Honey Cake” (Tradewinds), a chapter book set in wartime Copenhagen. 35 – 40 drawings: I lost count! It was a big effort starting last August with actually going to Denmark to bike around taking photos and visiting museums.

Doing the drawings required researching clothes, hairstyles, cars and all kinds of other aspects of the period. Thank goodness for Google image and Flickr. Illustrating is so much easier when you can search on the internet for reference photos.

It feels wonderful to have finished a book. Now on to the next one!

About Cynthia Nugent

Children's book author/illustrator, instructor at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, animator, founder of Rascal Media, MA in children's literature
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